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Meet the CiteRight Co-op Students!

Get to know CiteRight's new co-op students.

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Summer Recap

Check out what the team was up to this summer!

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Welcome to the team, Justin!

Get to know Justin, our new Executive Operations Assistant.

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Driving into a new age of dispute resolution

Exploring experts' evolving approaches when it comes to technology utilization in dispute resolution.

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A message for 2022

This year, I’ve seen us grow and develop more than I thought possible. Our dedication to our products and services ensure we excel at execution and see continued improvement. Thanks to team, CiteRight will continue to grow in our chosen markets, beginning with medium-sized and larger firms in Canada and beyond.

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A life changing update

I'm a Dad! In the month-long saga thus far of fatherhood, I've learned that babies grow quickly, and you don’t know what love is until they poop in your lap.

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