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CiteRight & Jurisage are Joining Forces to Revolutionize Litigation Workflows!

Aaron Wenner
Today marks an important moment in our journey. We're thrilled to announce that CiteRight and the AI powerhouse, Jurisage, are coming together as one company to pioneer the future of litigation workflows!

Since our inception, CiteRight has strived to streamline how legal professionals draft and research. Our collaboration with Jurisage is a testament to that commitment.

Jurisage’s popular MyJr browser extension and revolutionary case dashboards, along with their personalized daily case summaries, are all about crafting workflows for litigators that offer the most insightful results, even from the simplest inputs. They’re a perfect fit with the ethos we champion at CiteRight.

By integrating their groundbreaking AI insights with our robust litigation drafting platform, we're set to elevate your legal experience to unprecedented heights. Our vision? Let litigation teams pour their energy into what they do best: winning cases and ensuring their clients see unprecedented value.

Think faster access to resources, intuitive case law suggestions, and an all-in-one platform for all your drafting needs. Our enhanced Microsoft Word-based platform will be supercharged with Jurisage’s AI capabilities. This means more efficient research, reduced errors, and yes, a huge time-saver for you.

A few words about the new leadership structure: Aaron Wenner will continue to serve as the CEO, guiding our combined strengths. Colin Lachance, Jurisage’s trailblazing Co-Founder and CEO, will step into the pivotal role of Chief Innovation Officer. Ariel Nacson will continue as Chief Customer Officer of the combined company. And Juliano Rabelo, Jurisage’s Co-Founder and CTO, will bring his decades of experience in AI and machine learning to the CTO role in the new company. We’re gearing up to lead this next chapter with an incredible team.

Lachance shared his perspective, "Integrating with CiteRight has been a vision since our initial AI prototypes. Our expanded suite of services aims to align seamlessly with the preferred workflows of our users. This collaboration will undoubtedly equip legal professionals with unparalleled tools."

A critical player in supporting this merger as close partner and lead investor  is AltaML, a leading AI-powered solutions developer that builds tools to elevate human potential. AltaML was recognized as one of the Vector Institute’s 20 Canadian AI Startups to Watch, and by Deloitte as one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies. Jurisage launched in 2021 as a joint venture with AltaML.

As Cory Janssen, co-CEO of AltaML, puts it, "Combining CiteRight's solid legal connections and Jurisage’s AI prowess, the stage is set to define the next era of assistive technology for litigators."

This merger is about forging a new path in legal technology, driven by the combined strengths, vision, and dedication of both CiteRight and Jurisage.

What’s Next?

As we embark on this transformative journey with Jurisage, we're sure you're eager to know what's in store. Here's a sneak peek into what the coming months will bring for our CiteRight community:

  1. Enhanced Platform Integration: You’ll begin to see Jurisage's AI capabilities woven into the CiteRight platform. This means a smarter, more intuitive interface that anticipates your needs and streamlines your workflow.
  2. Feedback Loops: Your insights have always been our guiding star. Over the next few months, we'll be actively seeking feedback on the combined platform. Look out for surveys and focus group invitations — we genuinely want to hear from you!
  3. Feature Releases: As we continuously strive to improve, you can expect rolling feature releases. Each new feature aims to make your legal drafting and research even more efficient and seamless.
  4. Webinars & Training: To ensure you get the most out of the enhanced features, we'll be hosting a series of webinars and training sessions. This will be your chance to dive deep into the new capabilities and ask any burning questions.

We're committed to making this transition as seamless and beneficial as possible for you. Our dedication to innovation, combined with your invaluable feedback, will guide every step we take.

Mark this milestone, folks. By the end of 2023, we'll officially embark on this combined journey.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Together, we're not just shaping the future of legal technology – we're redefining it.

Warm regards,

The CiteRight Team 🌟📚

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