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CiteRight. Now with AI Insights.

Aaron Wenner
We’ve just updated CiteRight with our first generative AI feature: case law summaries. These come in ten different types so that you can use them in a variety of contexts. Automated summaries let you focus on understanding what cases say, without worrying about how to communicate those cases to others. And they’re free to CiteRight subscribers!

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Remind yourself what cases say — without rereading them

The best lawyers read a lot of cases. Whether you’re quickly glancing through a decision to decide if it’s relevant to your matter, reading a case to decide if it affects your practice area, or simply refreshing your memory about the details of a case you already cited, understanding case law is central to your work. 

Then comes the challenge of writing about those cases—understanding a case is a creative function, but summarizing it in its most basic elements is a mechanical one. 

That’s where AI Insights comes in. We’ve built tools that help you write about decisions faster and more efficiently. 

Excellent summaries. No chatbots. 

Generative AI provides amazing new capabilities to extract insights from legal texts. But it seems like the majority of generative AI legal tools have the same user interface: ask a robot a question, and get some text in return. If the response isn’t quite right, ask the robot to try again. And again, and again. 

You probably already know how you’d like to see a case summarized. Wouldn’t it be great to get AI assistance without learning the “magic words”? 

That’s exactly what we’ve done with AI Insights. We’ve taken the 10 most common types of summaries and put them in a drop-down menu. Now, you can get excellent case law summaries that are flexible enough to meet your requirements — without ever needing to interact with a chatbot. 

Easy and safe to adopt

Most implementations of generative AI require some data from you, the user. That makes generative AI risky if it requires you or your firm to give information to external vendors. Adopting legal tech requires a solid understanding of how vendors will protect the data you give them. 

We believe that the safest way to protect your data is not to hold it at all. And that applies to our approach to generative AI. 

With AI Insights, you don’t send any of your data to us. We generate summaries using a proprietary data set of Canadian case law that we own. And because AI Insights uses a simple drop-down menu rather than a chat interface, there’s no risk of accidentally inputting confidential material. That makes AI Insights an easy choice for risk-conscious firms that are looking to leverage generative AI. 

Free to CiteRight subscribers

Generative AI is making its way into nearly every aspect of legal tech. And unfortunately, that seems like an opportunity for vendors to increase their prices.

We believe that “AI” alone isn’t a feature — it’s a capability that makes good products better. 

That’s why we built AI Insights into CiteRight, Canada’s #1 litigation drafting platform. Litigation teams across Canada already use CiteRight for research, collaboration, and document drafting. Now, CiteRight is getting even better — without costing more. 

AI Insights. Exceptional summaries. No chatbots.

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