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Publication de CiteRight 2.5

Aaron Wenner
CiteRight 2.5 is now available to help litigation leaders achieve enhanced efficiency with automatic creation of hyperlinked books of authorities and tables of authority, better compliance with court requirements with the ability to automatically insert hyperlinks into citations, and easier administration and support with a revamped web interface and the ability to chat directly with CiteRight’s support team.  

You can download the latest version by signing into our web application.

Make it simple for judges to read your electronic filings with CiteRight’s hyperlinked factums and books of authority

Like it or not, the transition to electronic court submissions is happening faster than any of us could have thought. Part of that transition means making sure that electronic submissions are as easy to work with as their paper counterparts. In the “old days” (as recently as last month), it was simple enough to flip between a citation and its full source in a book of authorities. 

But when the factum and the book of authorities are both PDFs, things aren’t so simple anymore. How can we make it easy to seamlessly move between the PDF version of a factum and the related sources in the PDF book of authorities? 

One way is to use the native functionality in the professional versions of Adobe Acrobat to set up links between factums and books of authority. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice offers some help on this method — but it’s time-consuming and prone to error: it involves repeating the same 6 steps for every single citation in a factum. 

Alternatively, CiteRight can create these links automatically and instantly!

Automatically hyperlinked books of authorities!

Eliminate last-minute formatting work in factums by automatically generating tables of authority

Whether you call them Schedule A’s (in Ontario), Authorities Cited (at the Supreme Court of Canada), or Tables of Authorities (in Alberta and elsewhere), preparing a list of cited authorities is always an error-prone job. It’s tough to keep track of all the sources in a factum, especially when you’re making changes up until the final submission deadline. 

CiteRight handles tables of authority automatically. CiteRight keeps track of the cases you cite in real-time, so that you’re never caught with a missing (or extra!) source. 

Automatic tables of authorities!

Support new court requirements by automatically including hyperlinks to sources in case citations

In light of COVID-19, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has temporarily suspended its book of authorities requirements. Instead, the Court has asked that factums include hyperlinks to caselaw and other source materials. (Note: if you know of similar changes in other Canadian jurisdictions, let us know!). 

It can be challenging to keep track of the original URL for each case you cite — and frustrating to include those hyperlinks in each citation. That’s where CiteRight shines. CiteRight automatically extracts the URL from cases that you download, and can include them automatically in each of your cited sources. 

Automatic hyperlinks in citations!

Manage your team better and easily connect with support with our revamped web app

We’ve made some really exciting changes to our web application. It’s now easier than ever to invite new users to your organization. 

Our beautiful new web app

And while we’ve always offered best-in-class support via email and phone, we now have another way you can reach us: by chatting directly in our web app. 

Chat with our team!

Other improvements

Customize how BOA cross references appear

When CiteRight generates a book of authorities, it automatically adds cross-references to the tabbed location in the book of authorities for each source you cite. 

CiteRight adds tab cross-references automatically!

CiteRight 2.5 includes even more options to customize how those cross-references appear. 

Different formatting options for tab numbering

Customize appearance of supra/ibid references

The McGill Guide clearly specifies that repeated citations should replace the style of cause with the words ibid or supra, and that pinpoint references to paragraphs be abbreviated to “at para”. 

The problem? Not everyone follows the McGill Guide. 

As much as it pains our CEO (who was an associate editor of the 8th edition of the McGill Guide), at CiteRight we know that lawyers have individual (and idiosyncratic) preferences to how their citations appear. We’ve embraced that diversity of preferences — and so CiteRight 2.5 includes even more customization preferences for citations. You can now choose whether to turn on and off ibid and supra references, and even whether pinpoint references should include the word “para” or the pilcrow/paragraph character (¶)

Include cited paragraphs on cover page of cases

Some courts and jurisdictions, including in Quebec, require that cases in a book of authorities clearly list which paragraphs have been cited. Normally, you’d have to do this job by hand. But CiteRight can automatically include a list of cited paragraphs on the front page of each case in a book of authorities. 

Cited paragraphs on title pages of cases

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