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CiteRight 4.1: How we got from customer feedback to product

We’re constantly evolving and actively seeking feedback from you to improve our software to fit your needs by facilitating open communication through our detailed training sessions and our 24/7 support line. Without your support and partnership, we would not be here today.

We understand that the needs of law professionals are diverse and specific, and adapting to become more flexible to this is an utmost priority. One of our main focuses is expanding our reach and range of support nationally. What does this look like for CiteRight 4.1, and what can you expect? Features that recognize different legal formats, court requirements and French guides.

The bulk of our French support takes place in the Word add-in. Alongside the French language McGill guide, we’ve included the ability to format citations according to the Quebec Court of Appeal style guides.

Other features in CiteRight 4.1 are the product of individual and personalized workflows. 

We’ve heard your concerns, and this is why we’ve included the following features, as per your requests:

What you can expect in Word:

  • An additional citation style guide for rendering citation formatting per the Précis de la référence juridique De la Cour d’appel du Québec, as seen below:

  • You can now customize tab markers in your Book of Authorities:
  • You can configure how your citation renders the BoA tabs 
  • This can be done via Word Preferences > Book of Authorities > Document > Tab Markers, as seen below
  • This includes the ability to render tabs in your desired style:

We also understand your time is valuable and sometimes finite. This is why CiteRight 4.1 is focused on fine-tuning your experience with our software. Here are the changes you can expect to come:


  • Court information now displays when the French McGill citation style guide is selected.
  • All subsequent forms of your primary citations are hyperlink-able 

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