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Summer Recap

Victoria Flaherty

Now that the air is getting crisper and the leaves are changing colour, it’s nice to reminisce on sunny days. The team here at CiteRight had an amazing summer of new experiences and fun memories. Get to know our team better by reading about what they’ve been up to! 

Ariel (CCO): This summer we took our first road trip to Chicago! We toured the Ford factory in Detroit and enjoyed a scenic route through Indiana. We enjoyed time at the Navy Pier, the Children's Museum, the beach, the Museum of Science and Industry and so much more! Definitely going to do another one! 

Aaron (CEO): This summer we all spent time with family in Vancouver, got settled in our new house, and did a lot of biking around Toronto! 

Ryan (Head of DevOps): This summer we added a new member to our family. His name is José Miel because he is as sweet as honey. He was a street dog from Costa Rica with some health issues due to food allergies. Now he is living a happy, healthy life.

Andrew (Quality Assurance Specialist): During the summer, I tagged along with my friends to driving range and learned how to play golf. I'm still a novice but now I can properly hit the ball. My favourite memory back in the summer is going out with friends to watch Blue Jays game. I wasn't really into baseball but my friends brought me into watching baseball and eventually watching games live.

Fred (Chief Technology Officer): This summer I checked off the bucket-list item of "going to Oshkosh" which is an air show (officially called EAA Air Venture) in Wisconsin. This helped inspire me to finally start on building my new plane. I also coached my wife through getting her motorcycle license and we took a few trips around central/eastern Ontario, including a two day trip around Prince Edward County. ..that is more HER accomplishment than mine though.

Chris (Software Engineer): My favourite thing to do in summer is camping. And my favourite thing to do in camping site is BBQ. I merged myself in nature and enjoyed the Green way of social thinking and even working!

We hope you enjoyed summer as much as we did. We can’t wait to jump into an autumn of working hard to make your legal research more efficient and accurate. Thanks for reading!

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