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Meet the CiteRight Co-op Students!

The CiteRight team has welcomed three new co-op students this winter to help assist with product development, customer service and strategic planning! Get to know the new co-op students helping to shape the CiteRight experience.


My name is Savio, and I’m a third-year urban planning major at the University of Waterloo and a candidate for a minor in geography and environmental management. I recently completed a three-month digital marketing internship before starting my third year of studies. I found a renewed interest to shift my trajectory and pursue a career in sustainable marketing and business development, complementing my geography minor. 

I was first referred to CiteRight by one of my roommates. The more I learned about the company, the more eager I became to work here. After looking around the website, I immediately took note of its strong branding presence. I was intrigued by its innovative legal citation tools, which I had never heard of until then. This was all the convincing it took for me to strive for a co-op term with CiteRight, and it inspired me to want to learn from and work for such a leading-edge company. 

Outside of my academic and professional endeavours, I’m passionate about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, which I fulfill with daily workouts and cardio. I occasionally enjoy watching hockey and basketball, and I wish I could play those sports, but I’ve missed my window for that. Instead, I competed in track and field and cross country in high school and currently do gymnastics. The most interesting fact about myself is that I can do the splits.



Hi! My name is Phillida, and I recently finished my 3A term in Arts, majoring in Communications and minoring in Psychology at the University of Waterloo. This is my second co-op term, and I am super excited about this opportunity because of how broad the position is. In the past, all my jobs were for a specific business strand- marketing or communications or both. Working at CiteRight enables me to explore the other strands in business. My first co-op was also a start-up, and it is interesting to see the similarities and differences between the two. These were primarily the reasons why I chose to work at CiteRight. 

I have taken up some new hobbies like working out since I mostly live a sedentary life with the pandemic. I also took up streaming on Twitch, which was an exciting experience. Before the pandemic, my family and I used to go on family trips every summer, and one of my favourites was going to Hong Kong, Macau, Korea and Japan during the summer. I am also very proud that I can speak fluent Cantonese and have been doing so since I was a child! A random fun fact about me is that my favourite food is cheese, but I am lactose intolerant.


Hi! My name is Sydney, and I’m a second-year student in the Honours Arts and Business program majoring in Legal Studies at the University of Waterloo. This is my very first co-op term, and so I am simultaneously over-the-moon excited and jittering with nerves to be here! Working at CiteRight is an incredible opportunity for me, as it enables me to explore and better understand both law and business - two of my primary areas of interest. For these reasons, I was attracted to CiteRight and wanted to learn more about this cool start-up. 

I’m very passionate about dance and learning new languages. As of now, I have been dancing for about ten years, and I’m on a competitive hip-hop dance team at my university called Origins. Although I love all dance styles, I gravitate particularly towards hip hop and contemporary. I have also been learning Mandarin for about four years now. I am primarily self-taught but went to Taiwan for six weeks to learn! I am tremendously interested in learning other languages, such as Korean and Japanese, and aspire to one day be multilingual (which I have always thought was super cool). Finally, a fun fact about me is that I can solve the Rubik’s cube with my best time being under a minute!


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